MILK is a mobile application that rewards you with gift cards, discounts, money & free products whenever you choose to refrain from using your phone in places such as Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Entertainment Venues and more!

From gift cards and electronics - to money and concert tickets. All you have to do is turn off your phone and Milk the Moment!

Receiving text messages and other  alerts can be tempting.  Set the MILK app to automatically reply to your incoming calls and texts.

Team up with  friends to double your points or borrow points when you're just a hair away from the reward you've always wanted!

Search through your contact list and invite friends to the MILK app. You and your friends will receive 1000 MILK points!!


The MILK app is not just for places of entertainment but also works great in classrooms, automobiles and at home during family or quality time.  Customize the app and create your own points and rewards system.

Answer trivia questions, complete tasks or play games to earn extra points!


Invite Friends


Bonus Points



According to a recent Gallop Report,  81% of smartphone users keep their device near them at all times and 22% of 18-29 year olds admitted that they look at their phones every few minutes.  It's easy to assume that this constant smartphone usage is taking place during times where we should be "milking the moment" rather than missing the moment.

The MILK MOVEMENT was started by an entertainment group that noticed artists begging fans to put down their phones, people in movie theaters being disturbed by bright screens and families at restaurants staring at devices.

The MILK app was created to entice smartphone users to be more considerate, pay better attention and enjoy the experiences that we sometimes take for granted.

How it Works

The MILK app is simple and easy to use.  Step into a restaurant, movie theater or entertainment venue that is involved in the Milk Movement, activate your app, lock your phone and Milk the Moment.  The MILK app will begin to accrue points every minute your phone is not in use.

Have to step away from the app for a quick second?  No problem, the app will freeze until you come back but if you stay away too long...the app will shut down.

Once your experience is over, deactivate the app and take a look at your total amount of points.  You may have enough points to redeem them instantly by showing your phone to an employee.  If you’re one of our premium users, you can accrue points around the nation and collectively use  your points towards our premium rewards such as large gift cards, concert tickets, free products, cash and much more.

Are you frequently spending time with loved ones, eating out, catching a movie or a live show? Or maybe you're the owner of a Restaurant, Movie Theater or Entertainment Venue searching for ways to give your customers the ultimate experience without smartphone interruption?   The MILK app is perfect for you!

The MILK Video

Jilian A.

"Milk is a wonderful, breath of fresh air concept which is bringing people back to the things that really matter. There can only be progressive and positive growth from connecting to one another, keeping yourself and others safe, and experiencing life as it was meant to be experienced not through a screen. We need to take a step back from technology and to focus on the fundamental things in life and I think that this app is a step in the right direction."


Because getting free stuff makes it all worth while

Star Rewards

From clothing stores to gas stations and restaurants...rack up on points and redeem them for gift cards to some of your favorite spots.


Activating the MILK app and remaining off your phone as much as possible can lead to exchanging points for tablets, laptops and more.

Gift Cards

Conquering the MILK app and accruing crazy amounts of points can have you sitting front row at a killer concert with a handful of cash!


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